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Elevate Your TMD/TMJ Practice with Expert Coaching Tailored Just for You!

with Dr. Tiffany Lamberton

what to expect

Case Studies and Real-World Scenarios

Continued Support

In-Depth Sessions

Why Choose 1:1 Coaching?

Customized Learning Experience: Receive personalized guidance that addresses your unique challenges and goals in TMD/TMJ dentistry.

Advanced Techniques and Approaches: Learn the latest and most effective diagnostic and treatment techniques in TMD/TMJ management.

Enhanced Patient Outcomes: Gain the skills to provide superior care, leading to better patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Professional Development: Grow your practice through enhanced services, improved patient care, and increased referrals.

I hear you because I’ve been you.

And it’s exactly why I’m offering this opportunity, so you can get patients the best possible outcomes.

Meet Your Mentor

Hi, I’m Dr. Tiffany

With dual degrees in dentistry and physical therapy, I view TMD pain differently. My approach takes the whole interconnected muscle and joint system into account (not just the teeth).

So whether your patients are experiencing jaw pain, clicking, popping, tightness, or limited motion – my unique process offers relief by utilizing treatments, therapeutic exercises, and products – all customized to their unique anatomy…

…because jaw joint issues aren’t normal, but they are treatable.

In this masterclass, you’ll learn about my treatment triangle to maximize airway and joint health in patients ages 7-14, PLUS four simple assessment tools for early TMD detection that you can incorporate into your clinical exams, today!

patient testimonials

Dr. Tiffany breaks things down so they makes sense

“Dr. Tiffany will explain everything to you in detail, but also, she’s extremely helpful in breaking things down into terms that are understandable. She sends you for the right imaging the first time and knows that your time is valuable and therefore she works efficiently. I can’t begin to describe the gratitude I feel for all of her dedication to my treatment. “

– Kim S.

Better range of motion and less jaw pain

“I felt very confident following Dr. Tiffany’s recommendations. In addition to Botox treatment, she has also spent time with me talking about my issues and answering questions. I now have better range of motion and less pain with my jaw. If a friend asked, I’d refer them to Dr. Tiffany!”

– Kimberly B.

Noticeable results within a few weeks

“Dr. Tiffany screened me for was a condition called TMD. She explained to me that TMD can lead to a misaligned bite and deformed jaw – commonly seen in female athletes who participate in gymnastics and cheerleading and who have a history of wearing orthodontic headgear. I ticked both of those boxes.

With her treatment recommendations, I quickly noticed I went from grinding my crowns off at night to less clenching. And, my migraines completely disappeared! The process was seamless and the results were noticeable within a few weeks without any downtime.”

– Julie C.

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Elevate Your TMD/TMJ Practice with Expert Coaching Tailored Just for You!

with Dr. Tiffany Lamberton

This is for you if


You’re a general dentist looking to specialize in TMD/TMJ treatment.


Dental professionals wanting to refine their skills in managing complex TMD/TMJ cases.


Practitioners seeking to stay updated with the latest developments in TMD/TMJ therapies.

This is NOT for you if


You have a rigid approach to patient care and you’re sticking to it. The idea of approaching healthcare from a place of curiosity, empathy, or flexibility isn’t your jam. You like how you do things and that’s that.


Your patients are just a number. You’re there to see as many patients, as quickly as possible. Get ’em in, out, and on to the next one!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the program, and are there payment plans available?

The 30-minute coaching session starts at $297. At the moment, there is no payment plan availability for coaching programs.

How is this coaching different from other TMD/TMJ training programs?

Unlike standard training programs, this 1:1 coaching offers personalized guidance tailored to your individual learning pace, challenges, and specific practice needs. It also provides ongoing support and direct access to an experienced TMD/TMJ specialist.

What topics will the coaching cover?

Whatever will be of high service to you.

The coaching covers a range of topics, including the latest diagnostic techniques, effective treatment plans, patient management strategies for TMD/TMJ, and how to integrate these services into your existing practice.

Who is this 1:1 coaching program designed for?

This program is specifically tailored for dental professionals, including general dentists, orthodontists, and oral healthcare providers, and the interdisciplinary team who are looking to specialize or enhance their expertise in treating Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMD/TMJ).

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Elevate Your TMD/TMJ Practice with Expert Coaching Tailored Just for You!

with Dr. Tiffany Lamberton