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Transforming Oral Health: The Xylitol Solution for Cavity Prevention with Monica & Donald Bailey

In this episode of Jaw Talk, I’m joined by Donald and Monica Bailey, the visionary couple behind Epic Dental. With their passion for promoting oral health and dedication to creating innovative cavity-prevention products, Donald and Monica share their journey of introducing the magic of xylitol into the dental industry. As busy entrepreneurs managing Epic Dental, they balance a bustling family life with three adorable kids and a doodle named Teddy. From discussing the benefits of xylitol to navigating the intricacies of the dental market, Donald and Monica offer valuable insights and practical tips.

We talk about:

  • [01:13] How Epic Dental got started
  • [03:55] Xylitol product line
  • [05:39] Thoughts on Fluoride
  • [06:47] Advice to entrepreneur practitioners
  • [13:01] How to connect with Epic Dental
  • [15:20] Making oral health fun for kids
  • [20:01] Range of benefits with xylitol products
  • [22:32] Networking & educating
  • [24:57] Xylitol dangers for dogs 

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