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The Empathy Protocol – My Revolutionary Treatment for Chronic Dental Discomfort

As a dentist, I understand that my patients come to me with unique stories and needs. That’s why I developed The Empathy Protocol – an approach that focuses on understanding my patient’s story, assessing their anatomy, and discussing their customized Relief Plans. With this protocol, I strive to provide the best possible care for my patients by validating their pain and making them feel heard. Read on to learn more about how this protocol can help you heal physically and emotionally from negative experiences with other dentists.

Understand Your Unique Story

It starts with understanding the unique story of each individual, taking into account their history, needs, and goals. By listening closely and communicating empathetically, I’m able to provide tailored plans that address their specific circumstances.

Assess Your Anatomy

The Empathy Protocol also includes a thorough assessment of the patient’s anatomy. I evaluate the musculoskeletal system, temporomandibular joints (TMJ), and facial muscles to determine the multilayered cause of any pain or discomfort. I look for signs of misalignment, inflammation, and wear and tear on the jaw joints.

Discuss Your Customized Relief Plan

Once I identify the problem, we discuss a customized Relief Plan tailored to each individual’s needs. My treatments range from simple adjustments to more complex orthodontic or reconstructive procedures.  I also offer pain management strategies.

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Let’s get you back to doing and enjoying the things you love, without chronic pain getting in the way.

My approach takes the whole interconnected muscle and joint system into account (not just the teeth) to help my patients finally manage their symptoms, create relief, and own their anatomy.