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My ENT Specialist told me “This is definitely jaw pain, you need Tiffany!”

“Prior to becoming a patient, I suffered for so long and cycled through a few ENT Specialists (ear, nose, and throat) thinking that the issue was my ears. Finally, I landed with the right ENT who said, “This is definitely jaw pain, you need Tiffany!”

I’m so thankful for that referral because it has been an absolute game changer – Dr. Tiffany has been an essential part of my complete TMJ and TMD diagnosis and treatment. She truly cares about my pain and my recovery, and is extremely helpful at breaking down & explaining complex terms.

I can’t begin to describe the gratitude I feel for all of her dedication to my treatment. She’s also warm, professional, very knowledgeable, and sends you for the right imaging the first time.

I know I’ll always endure the pain related to my jaw / joint disorder, but Dr. Tiffany knows what types of solutions can offset and reduce my pain, and what motions can trigger more pain so they can then be avoided. I feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Tiffany!”

– Kim S.

I have better range of motion & less jaw pain

“I reached out to Dr. Lamberton after many years of jaw pain and TMJ. I had previous treatment and an appliance made about 12 years prior. I knew Dr. Lamberton and have had her treat my jaw with Botox numerous times – always getting relief.

I really didn’t have any fear of the injections as I didn’t feel like it would make things feel worse – I felt very confident following Dr. Lamberton’s recommendations. In addition to Botox treatment, she has also spent time with me talking about my issues, answering questions, and providing me with helpful exercises to do.

When I do treatment with Dr. Lamberton and work on the exercises myself, I definitely have better range of motion and less pain with my jaw. I feel like this work, when I am making the time to do it, is very helpful. If a friend asked about getting this treatment [Botox for jaw pain and TMJ] I’d refer them to Dr. Lamberton!”

– Kimberly B.

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I quickly went from grinding my crowns off at night to less clenching. And, my migraines completely disappeared!

“Last year, I made my way to see Dr. Tiffany Lamberton in search of one thing: Botox for my masseter muscles (the muscles that run down the length of your cheeks). While I’ve used Botox to smooth out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in my forehead for cosmetic purposes, this time I needed to relax the muscles in my jaw to prevent teeth clenching, grinding, and to address my frequent vestibular migraines.

What she screened me for was a condition called temporomandibular joint disorder or TMD. She explained to me that TMD can lead to a misaligned bite and deformed jaw – commonly seen in female athletes who participate in gymnastics and cheerleading and who have a history of wearing orthodontic headgear. I ticked both of those boxes.

Dr. Tiffany explained that Botox can work to relieve the jaw tension and pain by relaxing the muscles that unconsciously create stress and also keep your jaw muscles from looking hypertrophied and overly defined. She also addressed the trigger points for my recurring migraines. The process was seamless and the results were noticeable within a few weeks without any downtime. I quickly noticed I went from grinding my crowns off at night (as I was previously) to less clenching. And, my migraines completely disappeared!

I’m looking forward to incorporating Dr. Tiffany’s work into my wellness practice and can’t wait to get back in for my maintenance appointment.”

– Julie C.

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