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The Intersection of Myofunctional Therapy & Physical Therapy for TMJ Care with Dr. Liana Sved

In this episode, Dr. Liana Sved, a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Myofunctional Therapist, shares her expertise in treating TMJ disorders, head and neck pain, and airway issues. She discusses her journey into TMJ care and highlights the importance of harmonizing orthodontics with TMJ treatment for optimal health. She emphasizes the significance of collaboration and referrals in achieving successful outcomes. The intersection of Myofunctional Therapy and TMJ treatment is explored, and Dr. Sved shares her plans for expanding her business through virtual visits, coaching, and educational programs. Brace yourself for an electrifying adventure packed with jaw-dropping knowledge!

YouTube markers:

[0:00] Intro

[1:25] Liana’s journey into treating TMJ disorders

[3:28] Harmonizing orthodontics and TMJ care for optimal health

[7:07] What dentists get wrong about TMJ

[9:36] Liana’s workflow for TMJ care

[13:01] The perfect referral

[15:35] Comprehensive approach to TMJ care

[21:14] Empowering professionals to TMJ treatment and education

[26:19] Intersection of Myofunctional Therapy & TMJ treatment

[28:07] What’s new for Liana’s business

[31:16] Personal experiences with TMD

[34:02] Where you can find Leanna

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