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Functional Frenuloplasties & More with Dr. Annie Babb

On this episode of Jaw Talk, Dr. Annie takes us on her journey from general dentistry to specializing in airway health. Highlights include her extensive myofunctional therapy training, her personal experience with tongue ties, and the significance of frenuloplasties and lasers in improving overall health.

Dr. Annie, a general dentist since 2011, is passionate about the whole-body connection, with a focus on airway dentistry. She’s dedicated to helping individuals reach their full potential by promoting proper breathing, tongue position, and facial muscle function. Dr. Annie believes in a collaborative approach to care, working closely with fellow providers to ensure optimal outcomes for patients’ current and future health. She has pursued extensive continuing education in myofunctional therapy and tethered oral tissues, learning from experts like Dr. Soroush Zaghi, Dr. Richard Baxter, and Sarah Hornsby. In 2021, she became an ambassador for The Breathe Institute, dedicated to advancing research and collaboration in airway health, and chose to specialize in functional frenuloplasties and frenectomies.

Join us as we journey through the fascinating world of dentistry and airway health.

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[0:00] Intro

[02:03] Dr. Annie’s journey

[05:21] Myofunctional therapy course

[08:42] Dr. Annie’s personal experience with tongue ties

[11:14] Frenuloplasties and lasers

[14:43] Creating a collaborative practice

[18:08] Insurance in dentistry

[20:17] Diagnostic tools

[21:28] Postural improvements and tongue releases

[24:04] Navigating the gray areas

[26:57] Retrognathic Mandible

[32:55] The Triangular Approach to Airway, Myo, and TMJ Health

[41:06] Continuing education

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