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Exploring Myofunctional Therapy and Interdisciplinary Connections in Speech Pathology with Courtney Scaggs

In this episode of Jaw Talk, I explore myofunctional therapy with Courtney Scaggs, a speech-language pathologist and owner of Space City Speech.Courtney details her entry into the field, emphasizing the value of mentorship and collaboration with Houston’s dental community. The discussion covers how these partnerships improve care by addressing myofunctional disorders such as open-mouth breathing and incorrect swallowing patterns, alongside the use of modern imaging in diagnostics. Courtney also discusses her role in fostering a community through local study clubs, highlighting the broad impact of myofunctional therapy on diverse patient groups and her dedication to enhancing practice and patient outcomes in this specialized area.

We talk about:

  • [00:00] Intro
  • [02:18] Courtney’s journey as an SLP
  • [03:58] Building a dental collaboration and connections
  • [05:37] When dentists should refer to an SLP
  • [07:16] Evaluation process
  • [09:09] Advocating for early intervention
  • [10:26] Demographic or patients
  • [11:21] Comprehensive exam with imaging
  • [12:51] Stages of airway structural and functional concerns
  • [17:42] Airway study club and interdisciplinary teams
  • [20:30] What Courtney is excited about
  • [21:53] Certification recommendation

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Courtney here:

Connect with Tiffany here:

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