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Enhancing Dental Care Through Technology and Sleep Health Innovations with Dr. Blaine Leeds

In this episode of Jaw Talk, I welcome Dr. Blaine Leeds who specializes in telehealth, clear aligner therapy, and sleep health in dentistry. Dr. Leeds shares insights from his 28 years of experience, focusing on his innovative use of technology and AI to advance dental care. He discusses his journey with sleep apnea and how it has shaped his approach to dental interventions, emphasizing the importance of early pediatric care and the integration of sleep health into dental practices.

Dr. Leeds advocates for a holistic approach to dentistry, highlighting the role of new treatment modalities in improving patient outcomes. This episode is an invaluable resource for dental professionals looking to explore the intersections of orthodontics, telehealth, and sleep medicine, and to understand the transformative potential of technology in enhancing dental care and overall well-being.

    • We talk about:

      • [0:00] Intro
      • [02:06] The Professional Evolution of Dr. Leeds
      • [04:22] Focus on Pediatric Airway Health
      • [06:58] Innovations in Orthodontic Devices
      • [08:52] Insights on Tooth Pillow Use
      • [14:33] Imaging Techniques in Treatment
      • [16:02] Examining a Typical Patient Scenario
      • [17:48] Addressing Orthodontic Treatment Relapse
      • [21:24] The Importance of TM Joint Analysis
      • [23:06] Overview of Dr. Leeds’ Latest Publication
      • [26:37] Patient Demographics Overview
      • [27:56] Future Projects and Inspirations of Dr. Leeds
      • [29:42] Opportunities for Professional Development and Acknowledgments



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