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TM*Joints Matter

A masterclass with Dr. Tiffany Lamberton

Learn how to help high-risk TMJ patients achieve their full growth and functional potential with early detection.



Airway, Myo, & TMJ

A masterclass with Dr. Tiffany Lamberton

Learn about the interconnectedness of airway health, temporomandibular joint function, and overall well-being.



You’ve Hit a MYO Wall

A course with Dr. Tiffany Lamberton

This lecture highlights the significance of myofunctional therapy in dentistry, covering sleep-related breathing disorder symptoms, anatomical factors in diagnosis, and its importance for patients of all ages to prevent future TM joint issues. Collaboration with interdisciplinary teams is stressed for optimal airway and joint health.



Why the Cervical Spine Matters to the General Dentist

A masterclass with Dr. Tiffany Lamberton

Explore the vital role of the cervical spine in general dentistry through this course. Gain essential insights into how understanding the cervical spine can enhance your practice and patient care.



Hi, I’m Dr. Tiffany

With dual degrees in dentistry and physical therapy, I view TMD pain differently. My approach takes the whole interconnected muscle and joint system into account (not just the teeth).

So whether your patients are experiencing jaw pain, clicking, popping, tightness, or limited motion – my unique process offers relief by utilizing treatments, therapeutic exercises, and products – all customized to their unique anatomy…

…because jaw joint issues aren’t normal, but they are treatable.


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Dr. Tiffany truly cares

“I can’t begin to describe the gratitude I feel for all of Dr. Tiffany’s dedication to my treatment. She’s also warm, professional, knowledgeable, and sends you for the right imaging the first time.”

– Kim S.

Better range of motion and less jaw pain

“When I do treatment with Dr. Lamberton and work on the exercises she recommends, I definitely have better range of motion and less pain with my jaw. If a friend asked, I’d refer them to Dr. Lamberton!”

– Kimberly B.

Can’t wait to get back in for my maintenance appointment!

“I quickly noticed I went from grinding my crowns off at night to less clenching. And, my migraines completely disappeared! The process was seamless and the results were noticeable within a few weeks without any downtime.”

– Julie C.