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Beyond the Bite: Expertise in TMD and Chiropractic Care with Dr. Jason Scoppa

In this engaging episode, we delve into the world of chiropractic care with Dr. Jason Scoppa, an acclaimed expert in craniopathy and sports medicine. Dr. Scoppa brings a wealth of knowledge in treating Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD), seamlessly integrating his craniopathy expertise with sports medicine. He highlights his personalized approach to patient care, emphasizing tailor-made treatment plans for TMD, which often combine chiropractic techniques and collaborations with dental professionals. Dr. Scoppa further discusses his innovative methods, setting his practice apart from conventional approaches, particularly in treating young patients and employing advanced mandible techniques. This episode is a wealth of information, challenging misconceptions and underscoring the significance of comprehensive care in managing TMD and other chiropractic conditions.

Dr. Scoppa has been a fixture in Seattle’s chiropractic scene since 2012. A Palmer Chiropractic College alumnus, he holds postgraduate certifications in Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT), SOT craniopathy, Applied Kinesiology, and Sports Medicine from the ACBSP. Notably, he is one of only two SOT craniopaths in Washington and has completed extensive post-graduate training in TMJ dynamics, TMD, airway issues, cranial facial growth, and cranial-dental co-management.  

An active educator, Dr. Scoppa teaches SOT certification courses for SOTO-USA and offers training in TMJ analysis and treatment, cranial growth models, cranial-dental co-management, and integrated care models. He serves on the SOTO-USA board and runs Classava, LLC, an online platform focused on bridging gaps between various healthcare professionals. 

At his Bellevue clinic, Northwest Structural Medicine, Dr. Scoppa treats a diverse range of cases, with a particular focus on TMD, often working in conjunction with local dentists and orthodontists.

    • We talk about:

      • [00:00] Intro
      • [02:12] Unveiling Dr. Scoppa’s Passion
      • [04:25] Understanding Patient Demographics
      • [06:05] Optimizing Patient Workflow
      • [09:20] Splint and Appliance Care
      • [12:17] Distinctive Approach
      • [17:44] Focusing on the Young
      • [21:37] Cross-disciplinary Collaboration
      • [30:50] Debunking Myths
      • [33:57] Reinforcing with Exercise
      • [40:20] Looking Ahead


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