Interdisciplinary Perspectives Uniting Women in Dentistry – September 6th & 7th
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Aligning Smiles and Joints with Dr. Drew McDonald

In this episode, we have the honor of welcoming Dr. Drew McDonald, a board-certified orthodontics with a remarkable focus on airway and temporomandibular joint-focused treatment planning. Dr. McDonald’s expertise extends to surgically-facilitated orthodontic treatment and providing complex interdisciplinary care for patients.

With a dedication to advancing the profession, Dr. McDonald lectures internationally on these topics and has made significant contributions to literature and textbooks in the field. Join us as we explore his journey and learn about the power of 3D imaging in orthodontics, the significance of early interventions and comprehensive treatment plans. 

Dr. McDonald’s passion for transformative treatment approaches will inspire you, and you’ll discover how his collaborative efforts have led to the formation of his dream team.

YouTube markers:

[0:00] Intro

[1:46] Dr. Drew McDonald’s medical journey

[6:33] The power of 3D imaging in orthodontics

[13:34] Imaging and early interventions

[16:11] Comprehensive treatment plans

[18:57] How Dr. Drew McDonald found his dream team

[23:31] Unmasking hidden facial injuries

[29:06] Embracing transformative treatment approaches

[33:57] Where to find Dr. Drew McDonald


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