Interdisciplinary Perspectives Uniting Women in Dentistry – September 6th & 7th
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Advancing Dental Education with Dr. David Rice

In this episode of Jaw Talk, we are joined by Dr. David Rice, a distinguished dental industry expert and creator of Ignite DDS, a platform for emerging dentists and students. The conversation centers on the hurdles new dentists face, such as substantial student debt and the dilemma of selecting an appropriate practice. Additionally, the episode examines the influence of dental technology on practices and underscores the importance of community growth, embracing new technologies, and prioritizing patient welfare over business considerations in the dental field.

We talk about:

  • [0:00] Intro
  • [02:28] Dr. David Rice’ journey to Ignite DDS
  • [04:43] Growing an online business during a pandemic
  • [05:52] Evolution of dental education
  • [10:25] General dentists as leaders
  • [11:53] Challenges for new dentists
  • [17:26] Dr. David Rice’s dentist wish list
  • [21:06] Preventative Care
  • [22:48] How to keep your body healthy as a provider
  • [26:37] Creating an online educational platform
  • [30:22] More dental schools?
  • [32:33] Finding a job as a new dentist
  • [34:53] Dental Instagram space
  • [39:46] Where to find David

Resources mentioned:

Connect with Dr. David Rice here:

Connect with Tiffany here:

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