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Your pain is real &

…isn’t going to go away on it’s own,

…isn’t something you should just learn to deal with,

…and isn’t just “in your head”.

Despite what others may have concluded about your pain – your symptoms are real and treatable. And you deserve understanding, treatment, and most importantly: relief.

TMD Collective offers treatment options, pain mitigation techniques, and education for patients dealing with TMJ issues.

Whether you experience chronic jaw pain, clicking, popping, tightness, or limited motion – every path to relief starts with understanding your unique story. I’m ready to listen.

It’s not in your head,
it’s your anatomy.

relief starts here

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Your pain is real.
I believe you.

Your pain is real.
I believe you.

You deserve relief, and I’m here to help you get it.

I’m Tiffany Lamberton, DDS, MPT.

My unique process encompasses hands-on muscle palpation, proprietary exercises, patient education, and specialized examination and products, with the wholehearted purpose of providing the best standard of care possible for your unique anatomy.

When I’m not working with my wonderful patients, you can find me wearing the many hats of mom, wife, friend, wakesurfer, and fitness lover – just to name a few.

Let’s get you back to doing and enjoying the things you love, without chronic pain getting in the way.