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Suffering from jaw joint pain and need quick relief? Click to learn my JPR Technique

Still suffering from jaw joint pain?

Learn my proprietary JPR Technique: A simple therapeutic exercise designed to help alleviate pain and reduce clenching, in just 60 seconds.

Treatment options, pain mitigation techniques, and education for patients dealing with TMJ issues.

TMD Collective was born to educate, support, and relieve TMD pain for beautiful humans like you, who have tried everything but are still suffering. For different results, you need a different approach. It’s time to take a closer look at your anatomy.

Let me guess . . .

You’ve tried everything, but your jaw pain just won’t go away.

Doctor after doctor, hours of Googling, countless YouTube videos – and nada…

You have more questions than answers, it feels like nobody truly understands you, and you’re wondering if you’ll just need to learn to live with the pain. (Psst. You don’t, I promise!)

It all feels hopeless.
You just want answers and relief,

is that so much to ask for?

To learn more about getting relief, click below.

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Can’t wait to get back in for my maintenance appointment!

“I quickly noticed I went from grinding my crowns off at night to less clenching. And, my migraines completely disappeared! The process was seamless and the results were noticeable within a few weeks without any downtime.”

– Julie C.

Hey there, I’m Dr. Tiffany

Hey there, I’m Dr. Tiffany

Hundreds of my patients have experienced amazing results with my tried and tested treatments, including many cases that were considered hopeless.

Contrary to traditional dental methodology that focuses solely on teeth and occlusion (how they touch), my approach takes the whole interconnected muscle and joint system into account – not just the teeth.

Why does that matter, you ask? Because with the traditional dental treatment approach the growth and development of the joint is virtually ignored, despite the fact that the joint is what serves as the foundation for everything else related to your mouth, head, and neck.

My unique approach, The Empathy Protocol, examines the whole muscle and joint system, and is what allows me to help patients finally manage their symptoms, create relief, and own their anatomy.

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